Learning Support & Development

Learning Support & Development

Learning Support is available to children who need reinforcement in specific areas of the teaching programme, most commonly in Literacy and Numeracy. We have a specialist teacher whose responsibility it is to assess the individual learning needs of pupils. She/He then works together with the class teacher to produce the best support programme for the child. If further testing is needed, this is discussed with the parents. The needs of any more able children are also recognised at IBIS and individual learning plans are devised to promote and further develop their strengths and talents.

Social and behavioural skills

Pupils from IBIS are quietly confident with their peers and adults, polite at all times and, above all else, well prepared to face new academic challenges. In addition, they have been well taught, have a firm grasp of the basics and yet have a depth and breadth of general knowledge. What they have received at IBIS is not only thorough and safe but has also imparted a certain love for learning and a respect for the work ethic.

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References from past families

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