Parking at IBIS

One of the greatest challenges for our school is the parking problem. There is no perfect solution but we would like to appeal to you as responsible parents, carers and drivers to follow the policy to ensure the safety of all our children.

Please observe the updated Parking Plan:


Please take note of the following which applies at all times including after extracurricular activities:

In the mornings the area in front of the school is a DROP OFF ZONE ONLY.

This means that parents cannot park their car here and should only let their children out of the car and drive on. The parents are wonderful at supervising this successful action.

Legally, PARKING in the TURNING CIRCLE outside the school gates or in the SLIP-ROAD to the right of the gates is prohibited. The sign means you are allowed to wait in the car in the turning circle for 3 minutes only. Please do not abuse this privilege and also consider the parents with younger children. The police have been active in giving out fines.

There are parking spaces on both sides of Tulpenbaumweg. As the town of Bonn will not mark the spaces, please park considerately and do not block 2 spaces.

Pupils are instructed by the school to proceed to their cars using the pavements on both sides of the road. They are told not to cross the turning circle but to go round by the footpath.

There are some parking spaces in Pappelweg. From here you can access the front or rear gate.

Please help to keep your child/ren safe and avoid accidents!

Thank you for your cooperation.

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